With our wide network of partners, we strive to deliver the highest standards of quality and reliable web solutions to our clients globally. There exists a long-term mutually beneficial relationship between us and our partners because they believe in the value and integrity of our platform and our relentless services, support and satisfaction that we deliver to our customers. We are committed to be a leader in web solutions and digital marketing community, and believe that a strong network of like-minded partner is important to achieve that goal.

Here is a glimpse of partners we work with to deliver customized web solutions and Internet Marketing services to our clients:


PayUmoney is one of the most widely used online payment gateways, accepted at over 80,000 websites and businesses. Customers get 1% extra discount or guaranteed reward points every time they pay via PayUmoney. Moreover, the online payment partner ensures instant refund, faster checkout and buyer protection that make it a top choice for customers online. So, grab this opportunity and give your ecommerce business a boost by integrating PayUmoney with your online store. SkyNet Technologies has the expertise in integrating payment gateways like PayUmoney, giving your business a competitive edge so that you can accept payments on your website quickly. Zero set-up costs, simple documentation, go live in just 48 hours!

Integrate your ecommerce store with one of the largest payment gateway services provider and make online payment simple and hassle-free with PayUmoney. Right from payment gateway integration to testing, maintenance and support, SkyNet Technologies does it all.


Whether you run a simple business website or a high traffic-driven ecommerce store, ensuring security to your web visitors is important to attract and retain them on your portal. Protect your website inside out with SiteLock - 360 degree website security technology. SiteLock technology offers a wide spectrum of website security features like daily scanning, web app firewall, malware removal and a global CDN to protect your website or ecommerce store from virus attacks and malpractices. SkyNet Technologies can provide site security by integrating SiteLock to their website or ecommerce portal. The dynamic Trust Seal shows the visitors that your website is safe, thus, increasing conversions and ROI.

We are experts in integrating SiteLock to your website, providing highest standards of security and protection to your site. Give a hassle-free and secured browsing experience to your web visitors, which is the key to drive and engage them for better conversions and higher ROI.


Open-Xchange offers a highly scalable, middle-ware, device independent platform that enables integrating collaboration, messaging and 3rd party cloud based applications into a single browser interface. The OX App Suite offers a collection of white-labeled features that are built to improve your current offerings and deliver exceptional customer experience that your target audience will use over and over again. SkyNet Technologies understand the importance of communication and delivering superior customer experience. Therefore, we partner with OX to give your business a competitive edge. Give your customers a unique experience that is fully customization, flexible and intuitive. It is the one-stop destination for your users interaction, including RSS, messaging, social and meetings. Enhance user experience with custom designed apps and services that serves as a gateway to all social needs.

OX App Suite integrated by us would let your users have a central interface for all email communications and handle all accounts efficiently. Managing and sharing time also becomes easy and hassle-free when you integrate OX with your business system. It also becomes the central, on-stop repository for your contacts, files and photos, documents, real-time videos and text, and much more.


At SkyNet Technologies, we strive to deliver innovative, robust and scalable technology solutions to our clients. Therefore, we have partnered with Parallels to that enables us to run Windows on Mac, enabling us to leverage the functionalities of both the platforms to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions to our clients. The all new Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac is the fastest, easiest and powerful solution to run Windows on a Mac without having to reboot it. It has been the most preferred choice of millions of Mac users globally who want to leverage the potential and possibilities of Windows on their Mac. Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition is designed on the best desktop virtualization solution and also includes centralized administration capabilities to have Information Technology in control of virtual machines.

We also leverage Parallels Remote Application Server and Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM that empower us to hone our skills in various fields of IT development and deliver the best solutions to our clients. It also enables extending the existing Microsoft SCCM infrastructure to identify, enroll and manage Mac in the most efficient and hassle-free manner. Parallels Access let you access your desktop computer and easily run applications from anywhere in the world and on any device.


Grow your business with cPanel web hosting solutions offered by SkyNet Technologies. The technology is designed for everyone, making website hosting simple, fast and convenient. It not only helps to save time and cut costs involved in web hosting, but also minimizes system administration workload. It is the most intuitive and reliable control panel that makes cPanel the most preferred hosting platform of choice. Its control panel has delivered exceptional results over decades and is backed by unparalleled support team that is available anytime, anywhere. It is remarkably easy to understand and use, with user-friendly navigation that makes hosting a breeze. There is also a wide selection of quality features to choose from.

cPanel also facilitates free and hassle-free migration from various other control panels, making hosting even more convenient and prompt. The web-based control panel makes website hosting and site management simple and intuitive. We leverage the power of cPanel to let our clients administer every aspect of their website by using a point-and-click, simple software. Key features of cPanel are Mail, Security, Domains, Apps, Files, Logs and Databases. Our web hosting partner empowers us with the scope to host more sites, effectively optimize server performance and deliver a secure and stable environment four shared hosting clients.

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