Development Methodology

Customer satisfaction is our priority at SkyNet Technologies. We strive to keep our processes transparent, our methodologies simple, and our objectives clear to deliver the best solutions to our clients globally. We understand how important it is to outsource end-to-end IT solutions for your business. Therefore, we share our business insights with you to help understand our outsourcing process with integrity. This enables you to make an efficient and reliable decision based on your requirements.

Delivering success on time and within the budget is the key aspect of offshore outsourcing, and requires a long term strategy. Effective project management and control, and relationship management, is a growing concern worldwide. However, at SkyNet Technologies, we follow simple steps and agile development methodology to help our clients gain maximum transparency and precision on the status of their projects.

Our development models are tailored for Independent Software Vendors, web development companies, Software Product companies and end clients to build a long-lasting outsourcing partnership. Discussed here are the steps that we follow once you have hired us as your IT solution & Internet Marketing services provider.

  • Project Initiation: Every project is implemented as per the needs of our clients; otherwise, our expert consultants will designed the best business model for you.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement: SkyNet Technologies ensures that all our associates and employees respect the privacy of our clients and protect valuable business information by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the client before starting the project.
  • Business and Processes: Our team believes in understanding the business and processes of the clients as a priority to deliver customized solutions that meet their requirements.
  • Communication: Both our team and the client should know the right point of contact for any query that may arise. To ensure efficient and smooth communication, we provide different contact points for the project.
  • Service Level Agreement: The document defines all aspects of level of services, interaction, terms of payments, etc. We use a standard template for the purpose, which is changed to suit specific needs of the project.
  • Project Pilot Phase and Adjustments: For the first time clients, we ensure a smooth and hassle-free project initiation process by recommending a Pilot Phase Project. This will emphasize the quality and agility, speed and convenience level, and benefits of outsourcing IT development and online marketing projects to SkyNet Technologies.
  • Project Estimation: Based on client information, we perform a detailed analysis and provide feedback, including important points like project plan, resources, execution methodology, costs and discounts, quality control processes, etc.
  • Project Execution: To execute the IT development project, we follow the below mentioned processes:
    • Brainstorming -To start off with, we conduct an internal brainstorming session to clearly define the scope, roles, communication and reporting. The client is also provided the details of the meeting.
    • Defining project requirements - Our project managers and analysts will have a close interaction with the client to develop a clear understanding of the project.
    • Architectural design and functional prototyping - We develop various prototypes for requirement aligning and demonstrations.
    • Building and testing phase - All the project requirements are translated into a working model in this stage. We follow the best practice to provide regular versions of our solution so that the client can identify the progress of the project in real time as well as help us to improve the quality continuously. Our project implementation and QA phase go simultaneously to build a development cycle until the product is ready and accepted by the client.
    • Unit testing - In this stage, we test a specific class or module of an application to analyze the scope for modifications and functionality of new codes without hassles or additional time or overhead cost
  • Integration Testing: This enables us to test the application and identify how different modules are working together when implemented in an integrated environment.
  • Acceptance Testing: We use standardized testing and quality control methodologies to guarantee superior quality.
  • Support and Bug Fixing: Besides bug fixing, we offer comprehensive support solutions and value added services to our clients, which is generally mentioned in the proposal document.
  • Risk Management: Our team ensures that during every stage of the project, changes to the scope, timelines, project quality, risks and team planning is duly monitored and executed.
  • Reporting: We regularly send the following reports:
    • Project plan report
    • Weekly project status report
    • Quality testing report
    • Known bug and fixing report

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